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Satan, The First Postmodernist
by Sandy Simpson

This is an article written after giving further thought to the definition of "postmodernism" given by the likes of postmodernist Leonard Sweet and other Emerging Church promoters. My article refuting Sweet's attempt at defining and legitimizing postmodernism can be found here: Ding Dong, Ding Dong, Wake Up Leonard Sweet! by Sandy Simpson, 11/27/05,

It dawned on me that the enemy is certainly behind the postmodern paradigm, and especially behind those who want to buy into this ridiculous world view instead of roundly refuting it. Contrary to the egotistical claims of postmoderns that they are on the cutting "edge" because of their subjectivist, relivitist, existential view of reality, this concept was foisted upon the universe and world by Satan himself before the world was created. Let's go through what we know of Lucifer from the Biblical records. I think you will see clearly that Satan was the first postmodernist. He was WAY ahead of his time.

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The article called "Ding Dong, Ding Dong, Wake Up Leonard Sweet!" by Sandy Simpson can be read here: